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#IamRemarkable is a Google initiative empowering women and underrepresented groups to celebrate their achievements in the workplace and beyond.

Our goals

Improve the self promotion motivation and skills of women and underrepresented groups.

Challenge the social perception around self promotion.

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Our impact as of March 2020






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The workshop

At the heart of #IamRemarkable lies a 90 min workshop run by facilitators trained by Google.

The workshop will highlight to participants the importance of self promotion in their careers and provide them with the tools to practice this skill.

How to join

  1. Sign up below to become an #IamRemarkable facilitator.

  2. Attend a free 2 hours online train-the-trainer session provided by Google.

  3. Run the workshop and scale within your group or company.

  4. Stay in touch with the #IamRemarkable team for ongoing support.

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"#IamRemarkable made me acknowledge and proudly talk about my achievements out loud in a room full of people. For the first time, I didn’t let fear hold me back - a major milestone in my personal growth."

Tanisha, Duke University, United States

"Following the workshop, I decided to speak to my managers about my achievements. I have since been promoted and have grown massively in confidence. I firmly believe this is all down to #IamRemarkable."

Katy, Gekko, United Kingdom

"The #IamRemarkable initiative made me look in the mirror. Instead of bragging, I could use my accomplishments to help and inspire others. I could — wait for it — feel proud of myself."

Yasmary, Ultimate Software, United States

"After #IamRemarkable, I became aware of how we are inclined to have negative feelings towards other powerful women. I started turning those feelings into positive feelings: pride and empowerment."

Rayan, McKinsey & Company, UAE