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Join a global network of over 5000 active facilitators and be the ambassador of #IAmRemarkable in your company or community. Help people celebrate their achievements by organizing and hosting #IAmRemarkable workshops for your personal or professional networks. 

*August 2023: At this time there are no trainings scheduled to onboard new facilitators to #IAmRemarkable. Our existing facilitator community is continuing to host workshops around the world. 


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"I see myself in every participant’s story and it is rewarding to support others to thrive. #IamRemarkable is a daily practice and facilitating it is a constant reminder to develop my own self promotion skills. I am thankful for each participant who allows me to be a part of their growth moments."

Moran Frieder

Senior Technical Trainer at F5 Networks, Israel


"#IamRemarkable is excellent for team building. As a leader, I've always believed in the power of the collective. And although the workshop focuses on self-promotion, when team members are empowered to share and own their success stories, they learn not just to take up space but also create opportunities for others."

Christopher M. Eugenio

Advisor, Board of Trustees, GICC Philippines


"The paradox is that if you’re not ready to share your achievements you limit your chances for success. The opposite is also true: openly communicating what we’re good at or what our goals are, it makes us happier with our jobs, and makes us better at seeing new opportunities to grow professionally and in our careers."

Hanna Bandarenka

Diversity and Inclusion Program Lead, EPAM, Belarus


"I have come to appreciate #IamRemarkable as a critical vehicle in opening up people’s perspectives, challenging bias and ultimately building inclusive behaviours. Through discussions and the exercises weaved into the session, we learn more about our colleagues than we know through daily work interactions."

Sunaina Kohli

People Experience, PwC Middle East, United Arab Emirates


"I wanted to become a facilitator to have a positive impact on my organization, but during the Train the Trainer session I realized that the impact starts within yourself. Every workshop is a self-discovery process where you can reflect on yourself through the conversations with participants."

William Vergara Pérez

Leadership Development Leader at Nestlé, Colombia


"It’s great to be a part of a global movement, championing opportunity for all to succeed in the workplace. I love illuminating my audience through #IamRemarkable workshops, they see that their skills and qualities are worth shouting about and that they're best placed to do it."

Jenny Garrett

Executive Coach & Leadership Trainer, UK

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