Our Story

Have you ever been in a situation — in a job interview, meeting or even a social situation — where you had to talk about your achievements? It’s not easy, is it? I first realized this in 2015 when I was taking part in a women-only workshop at Google. One by one, we were called up to talk about what it was that made us remarkable. So many of us struggled.

I chatted about these feelings with my former colleague and good friend, Anna Zapesochini. Why was it that so many gifted women found it hard to talk openly about their accomplishments? Eager to learn more, we did some research. We discovered a vast body of literature proving what we intuitively knew: women and other under-represented groups often struggle with self-promotion, and are conditioned from a young age not to speak openly about their achievements.

Anna Vainer #IAmRemarkable founder profile picture Anna Vainer, Founder #IAmRemarkable

We wanted to do something about this, so in 2016 Anna and I created a movement that would raise awareness of everything we’d learned and help participants feel more comfortable when it came to self-promotion. We called it #IAmRemarkable.

While it was originally only offered to Google employees soon we had requests from customers, agencies, universities, and all sorts of other places. Today, #IAmRemarkable is a 90-minute workshop open to everyone, and the feedback we’ve received has been phenomenal. You can read some of our success stories to find out more about how the workshop has helped the people who have participated in it.

As of June 2023 the initiative reached 500,000 participants from 180 countries with over 5,000+ active facilitators delivering the workshop worldwide.

We hope you share our excitement in seeing what the future holds!

Stay remarkable,
Anna Vainer and the #IAmRemarkable Team