Join the #IamRemarkable Week and celebrate your achievements

#IamRemarkable Week is a digital experience running 12-19 November 2020 - featuring virtual talks, online workshops and confidence boosting challenges. Dedicate this week to drive diversity benefits and allyship within your company or community.

Anna Vainer
“Being aware of our own unique accomplishments, and learning about those of others, helps us unleash the power of diversity together as a community.”

Anna Vainer, Founder of #IamRemarkable

Virtual Talks to Inspire

Browse the program portfolio for inspiring talks. Learn more about the influential speakers who will present during #IamRemarkable Week. Stay tuned!

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Encourage your employees and peers to acknowledge and express their achievements. Join over 800 global and local companies that have implemented #IamRemarkable in their organisations.

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If your company is already part of our community

Run in-house workshops to help your employees and peers to thrive. Visit the Facilitator Hub to download the exclusive #IamRemarkable Week toolkit with top tips and various virtual assets.

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If your company is new to #IamRemarkable

Kickstart your journey during this special week by attending a virtual #IamRemarkable Week workshop with your colleagues. Secure one of the limited spots for your company right now.

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#IamRemarkable Week Online Challenge

Power through these daily challenges to boost your confidence and self-promotion skills. Track your progress and encourage others to join you in this adventure.

Thursday - 12th November

Start tracking your achievements

Open a notebook, or Google Doc, and start logging your accomplishments. Building this habit is important for self development. Not only will you have everything at hand when it comes to job interviews, or performance reviews, but it can also provide a big confidence boost if you’re having a bad day.


Friday - 13th November

Look for role models to mimic and learn from

Self-promotion doesn’t always come naturally. Look for role models to mimic and learn from. Take some time to create a short list of people who do self-promotion right, and what they do well. It will help you sharpen this skill, and, over time, you will find your own natural voice.


Saturday - 14th November

Gather honest feedback from your peers and friends

Email ten people that you’ve either worked with, or are friends with, and ask them about a situation where you did something that helped them, and the things they value about you. Store all the feedback you receive, and think about these when you feel self doubt.


Sunday - 15th November

Share an accomplishment that you are most proud of in social media

Sharing is caring - most of us love to read and hear inspiring personal stories about achievement, learnings, successes. Think about an accomplishment of yours that others can learn from, and share it on social media. Don’t forget to add the #IamRemarkable hashtag!


Monday - 16th November

Say ‘I’ instead of ‘we’ when talking about your achievements

We did this... we achieved that… Many of us tend to use ‘we’ instead of ‘I’ when talking about accomplishments. It’s time to challenge yourself, and start focusing on saying I when you, as an individual, achieve something. It might feel odd in the beginning, but it’s worth a try.


Tuesday - 17th November

Use your self-
promotion skills to
achieve a specific goal

Consider what you want to accomplish and set a specific goal which motivates you to work on your self-promotion skills. This could be applying for a job or promotion, putting yourself forward for a project or developing a new business opportunity.


Wednesday - 18th November

Start hosting remarkable Wednesdays

Get a group of friends or colleagues to share an achievement out loud every Wednesday. Set up a communication channel for this purpose today: this could be via a weekly ‘Remarkable Wednesday’ email thread, a group on social media, or just a dedicated chat group.

Track your progress

#IamRemarkable Wall

Get inspired by these truly remarkable thoughts, grab a piece of paper and start composing your statements.


“I am remarkable because I have lived and worked across the world and experienced a life that surpassed my expectations.”

Darryl Partridge

Digital Skills Trainer & Aspiring UX Designer,
United Kingdom


“I am remarkable because, despite of my demanding day job, I started a side hustle in 2019 to promote and drive gender equity in workplaces.”

Seza Vaziri

GE Women’s Network Co-Leader for MENAT & Founder of, United Arab Emirates


“I am remarkable because I have learned from my own experiences to inspire other people and help them unlock their potential.”

William Vergara Pérez

Leadership Development Leader at Nestlé,


“#IamRemarkable because I am a strong, resilient woman of color and social worker who leads by example and uses her own lived and professional experiences to build spaces where others are welcomed and belong.”

Lakeya Cherry

CEO, The Network for Social Work Management,
United States


“I am remarkable because whilst working remotely I made the time to reach out to my team of 60+ individuals through handwritten notes of encouragement and thanks.”

Angela Johnson

Principal Architect, Ford Motor Company, United States


“I'm remarkable because I continue to mentor young girls to STEM by sharing my story, trained 3,000+ youths in digital skills and climbed Mount Kenya in 2020.”

Winny Jebet

Graduate Management Trainee, Total, Kenya


“I am remarkable because no matter how many times I've been disappointed, I do my best to inspire and empower others to be the best versions of themselves.”

Sherilyn Ooi

Accounts Coordinator, Google, Malaysia


“I am remarkable because I am a working mother: I am there for my children during their crucial development milestones and help connect empathy and technology every day at work.”

Yasmary Hernandez Diaz

Senior Manager, Ultimate Software/Kronos, United States


“I am remarkable because I am optimistic, strong and kind, thriving on growth-based learning on my pathway to success.”

Dhruva Shastri

Developer Relations Specialist at Nevercode, India


“I am remarkable because daily I wake up, get to connect with amazing people, and do what I love every day - learn new things and share.”

Akua Nyame-Mensah

Executive coach and entrepreneur, Nigeria


“#IamRemarkable because I managed to raise £800 for a charity run on my birthday which will go towards helping indigenous communities in Colombia”

Nicholas Himowicz

Innovation Consultant, Strategy Coach, Facilitator,
United Kingdom


“I am remarkable because I am committed to the diversity, equity and inclusion agenda in Education - I have founded a grassroots community and hosted a number of #DiverseEd events to amplify the conversation.”

Hannah Wilson

Leadership Development, Diverse Educators Ltd,
United Kingdom


“I am remarkable because I'm a trooper: I am comfortable wearing my thinking hat on and rolling up my sleeves to get things done.”

Christopher M. Eugenio

Advisor, Board of Trustees, GICC, Philippines

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