Thank you for joining the second global #IamRemarkable Week!

The second global #IamRemarkable Week took place 8-15 September 2021 with the aim of empowering people from all walks of life to celebrate their achievements.

55,000+ participants joined the week from 70+ countries, along with 200 organisations.

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“Being aware of our own unique accomplishments, and learning about those of others, helps us unleash the power of diversity together as a community.”

Anna Vainer, Founder of #IamRemarkable

Virtual Talks to Inspire

#IamRemarkable Week has brought to you 30+ influential speakers, creators and business leaders from all around the world. See a sneak peak below and explore our talks page for more.

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Self-promotion Challenges

Boost your confidence and amplify your self-promotion skills by participating in our challenges. Encourage others to join this week-long journey and track your progress.

Day 1

Reflect on & embrace your achievements

Day 2

Replace negative self-talk with positive self-talk

Day 3

Create an action plan for your dream goal

Day 4

Gather feedback & learn from it

Day 5

Make each day count

Day 6

Look for role models to mimic and learn from

Day 7

Advocate for others

Day 8

Make self-reflection a habit
Track your progress

#IamRemarkable Week 2020

Get inspired by the highlights from last year

30,000 participants from over 70 countries joined the first global #IamRemarkable Week in November 2020. Over 150 organisations also celebrated the power of diversity, inclusion and allyship with us. 15 virtual talks from last year await you on demand.

Check out Google's Blog for participant stories.

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#Iamremarkable Video

Learn more about the #IamRemarkable movement!

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