Welcome to #IamRemarkable Pride Month

#IamRemarkable is a global movement striving to empower everyone, with a focus on women and underrepresented groups to celebrate their achievements in the workplace and beyond.

For Pride 2022, we are bringing together the #IamRemarkable and LGBTQIA+ communities to celebrate and shine a bright light on all of our stories, and to energize ourselves to be better allies to each other, every day.

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#IamRemarkable Pride Month Wall

Pride is about being proud of who you are and what you stand for. Seasoned #IamRemarkable facilitators shared their thoughts on how embracing our true selves and challenging assumptions can make a world of a difference.


"There is a direct correlation between your ability to self-advocate and taking up space as your most authentic self. Don’t be afraid to use what is unique to you. Being LGBTQIA+ is your superpower and you should be proud of it."

Chris Eugenio (he/him), Operations Strategist, Philippines


"We are agents of change to help others and see life as we see it. When we give ourselves the opportunity to listen to the life experiences of others and understand the decisions they have made, we are not only supporting their message but we are building a more empathetic community."

William Vergara (he/him), Talent Manager at Nestle, Colombia


“Understand that your identity and the complex and nuanced parts of you are each individually valuable and provide you with a perspective that nobody else has. That perspective is important in your workplace and your contributions are valuable.”

Dannie Lynn Fountain (she/her), Senior Sourcer at Google, U.S. #IamRemarkable Global Inclusion Lead


"#IamRemarkable challenges our assumptions about each other - to see people from a different perspective, as human beings. This helps the LGBTQIA+ community, because so many of us feel invisible, or sometimes too visible, and misunderstood. Challenging assumptions supports us to be seen in a way that positively celebrates our differences."

Helen Hosein (they/them), Customer Engineer at Google, UK


Pride Month Challenges to Celebrate Diversity

Pride is about self-education and learning how we can all do better to get the voices of the LGBTQIA+ community heard. Below you will find six topics and challenges to help us all continue to march forwards on the journey to equity and inclusion.


What does it mean and how can I embrace it?


How can I talk about my achievements?


How can I be an active ally to others?


How can I help others be heard?


What does it mean and how can I build it?


How can I recognise and address biases in my environment?