Welcome to #IAmRemarkable Pride Month

#IAmRemarkable is a global movement that empowers everyone, including underrepresented groups, to celebrate their achievements in the workplace and beyond, while challenging the social perception around self-promotion.

For Pride 2023, we are bringing together the #IAmRemarkable and LGBTQIA+ communities to celebrate and shine a light on all of our stories, and to energize ourselves to be better allies to each other, every day.

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#IAmRemarkable Pride Month Wall

Everyone has a story. Being able to share it in a safe space among other people who can relate or empathize is monumental in shaping the future of inclusivity and visibility for the LGBTQIA+ community. #IAmRemarkable facilitators shared their experiences on how they celebrate their individuality and how they create a safe space for others to share their story.


"I motivate participants to share their story, because it is the most beautiful way to heal our inner fears and doubts, and make our personal achievements visible as proof that we have the ability to achieve any dream that we set in life."

Ana María Gómez Montoya (she/her), Senior IT Manager, Avon


"You are special, unique and incredible in your own way and it is your responsibility to showcase that to the world. Remember you are not fighting alone, with #IAmRemarkable we are emphazing that societal perspectives are just a glass ceiling that can be broken through self promotion with confidence."

Hemavathi Giridharan (she/her), Senior Compliance Specialist, Wells Fargo


"It is through being our authentic selves, celebrating our individuality and owning our unique contributions, we inspire others to do the same. With #IAmRemarkable we can collectively challenge the structural barriers and systemic biases which hold us back."

Skye Bennett (she/her), Program Manager, Victorian Government


"It was only after I mustered the courange to come out at a company event and shared my journey with the local LGBTQ+ community that I was able to get the chance to show why I am remarkable. As a facilitator, I introduce myself with my preferred pronouns and share my story during the session to ensure and emphasize that it is a non-judgmental safe space for everyone to feel comfortable to share their stories too."

Pratik Dash (he/him), Legal Analyst, 3M


"The moment where participants share their stories is simply magical. It only happens when my stories are shared first. To create a safe space for my #IAmRemarkable participants, I begin with how I celebrate inclusivity through my 'life tree'. this creates psychological safety and leads to more participation."

Goutami Dutt (she/her), Vice President & Head Content at byteEDGE